Incentive Tracking and Rewards

Incentive tracking is a crucial step in running an incentive program. Unless participants know how well they are progressing toward their goal, they have no opportunity to increase their performance.

Leader boards, progress bars, badges, and dynamic notifications ensure participants can track where they stack against others at all times.

You decide how many points participants receive every time they exceed a target. Participants use those points in exchange for gifts you select from our online catalog.

incentive tracking

How it works

1. Create Incentives

Budget, length, target, frequency and rewards.

2. Challenge Teams

Invite your team or channel partners to increase their performance

3. Track Engagement

Leaderboards and progress bars will let everyone know where they stack

4. Reward Performers

Reward top performers with instant rewards

5. Reporting and Feedback

See what programs and gifts work the best

Set Goals, Track and Reward

Reward participants with instant digital gift cards, experiences or premium gifts when they exceed goals.

incentive Tracking