Sales incentives made easy

Incentivize your sales team or channel partners using challenges, leaderboards, dynamic notifications and instant recognition to create a high-performance culture – should they meet the objective, they pick gifts from a catalog curated by you.

  • Increase performance
  • Foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation
  • Gain full visibility into cost and engagement
Event Gifting
Increase your team performance

Incentive tracking

Incentive tracking is a crucial step in running an incentive program. Unless participants know how well they are progressing toward their goal, they have no opportunity to increase their performance.

  • Sales performance incentive tracking
  • Custom objective incentive tracking
Keep it simple and recognize those that deserve it

Gifting storefronts

Recognize employees or channel partners and invite them to pick the gifts they want via a branded and personalized storefront – from a catalog of gifts curated by you.

  • Performance based gifting
  • Holiday gifting
  • Event gifting

How it works

1. Create Incentives

Budget, length, target, frequency and rewards.

2. Challenge Teams

Invite participants to increase their performance.

3. Track Performance

Leaderboards and progress bars will let everyone know where they stack.

4. Reward Performers

Reward top performers with instant rewards.

Gifting and Rewards Made Easy