Gifting & Incentives Made Easy.

Incentive programs, gifting storefronts and recognition portals built to drive performance and recognize your biggest assets – employees, customers and clients.

incentive tracking

Gifting Storefronts

event gifting

Instantly reward one or thousands of employees, event attendees, or really anyone with points to redeem for digital gift cards or any gift you want. Yesimo handles everything for you.

Company Stores

company merchandise storefronts

Create brand ambassadors, welcome new staff or simply recognize employees. Our Company Stores keep employees connected to the brand, increase retention rates as well as performance.

Incentive Tracking

online incentive tracking

Incentive tracking is a crucial step in running an incentive program. Unless participants know how well they are progressing toward their goal, they have no opportunity to increase their performance.

Our Trusted Clients

Rewards easy to send. Awesome to receive.

Yesimo takes care of the whole process and our participants loved their gifts.