Gifting Made Easy

Need to recognize hundreds or thousands of people? Allow participants to choose from different gift choices curated by you via a branded and personalized portal.

  • Employee gifting
  • Channel partner gifting
  • Event gifting
  • Sales performance gifting
  • Holiday gifting
Event Gifting

Let us do the heavy lifting

Gifting Storefronts

Welcome new staff, recognize top performers or gift employees and channel partners during the holidays. Our team sources and ships gifts to participants all over the world.

  • Premium gifts
  • Travel experiences
  • Digital gift cards
  • Branded merchandise

How it works

1. Choose gifts

Select from hundreds of digital gift cards, experiences or premium gifts

2. Customize the Experience

Customize your portal welcome page and branding to deliver a special experience

3. Invite Participants

Send participants custom invitations and welcome experiences

4. Reporting and Feedback

See what gifts work the best and go again