How fast can the first incentive program go live?

As fast as the same day. All you need is a list of emails of all participants, pick the gifts you want reward, fund your account and create a single program. Participants will receive invites, begin to track their sales performance and get rewarded as they exceed goals.

How are gift cards funded?

You deposit how much you think you will award every month. You can deposit more or less at any time. We’ll let you know when you are running out of funds so participants can continue to order digital gift cards. Any balances can be applied for the next month.

Is there a minimum number of participants (users) to get started?

There is no minimum. You can get started with any number of participants (users). Clients with higher number of participants do see higher engagement levels, savings and performance.

Is there a minimum number of incentive programs to get started?

There is no minimum or maximum. You can get started with one program or run as many programs as you want at no extra cost.

Do more incentive programs cost extra?

No. Pricing is calculated by the number of sales participants (users). You can run as many programs as you want at no extra cost.

How many incentive programs can run at the same time?

As many as you want. You can invite multiple participants to multiple programs too.

What is the cost per participant (user)?

A higher volume of participants (users) lowers the cost per participant. The cost per participant (user) can be as low as $5. Call us today for a customized quote. We’ll find a way to fit in your budget.

How are digital gift cards selected?

While setting up the company account for the first time, you pick the gift cards you want to reward sales reps with. You can add or remove any gift card at any time.

How are digital gift cards distributed to sales reps?

Via email. They get an instant email with the gift card’s information to their email of record. They can use the gift card right away.

How to close a company account?

Because Admins need to download reports from old incentive programs and sales reps need to redeem their balances, account can NOT be closed. Admins can deactivate all users or programs at any time to stop rewarding points.

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