GDP Connection 2023

Gifting Made Easy

Recognize hundreds of participants easily. Invite participants to pick gifts from a catalog curated by you via a branded and personalized digital experience.

Choose from premium gifts, branded products, apparel, experiences or gift cards. We’ll take care of product sourcing and fulfillment logistics.

Event Gifting
Don't send gifts, let them pick

Gifting Storefronts

Recognize employees, customers, partners or anyone easily. Invite them to pick the gifts they actually want via a great virtual experience.

  • Recognition gifting
  • Performance based gifting
  • Employee holiday gifting
  • New employee gifting
  • Event gifting
Show love to your employees

Automated Gift Campaigns

Automatically gift participants on their work anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day or any date you choose. Yesimo will send them points on those dates and ship the gift they select.

  • Work anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Admin Day
  • Custom dates
Increase your team performance

Incentive Tracking

Invite employees to participate in incentives and track their performance against goals (currency or units) your select – should they meet the objective, they pick from a catalog of gifts curated by you.

  • Sales performance incentive tracking
  • Custom objective incentive tracking

How Employee Gifting Storefronts Work

1. Choose gifts

Select from hundreds of digital gift cards, experiences or premium gifts

2. Customize the Experience

Customize your portal welcome page and branding to deliver a special experience

3. Invite Participants

Send participants custom invitations and welcome experiences

4. Reporting and Feedback

See what gifts work the best and go again